3 Major Benefit Shifts for the Post-COVID Work World

March 9, 2021      |      Posted on Posted in Benefit Trends
3 Major Benefit Shifts for the Post-COVID Work World

Now that positive developments are underway in the fight against COVID-19, employers are looking at three big benefit shifts for the post-pandemic work world.

Mental Health Is Having a Moment
Between November and December 2020, the risk of depression increased by 48%, while employees’ focus at work dropped 62%. Mental health is one of the biggest pandemic issues for 2021. Now is the time to expand mental health support, offer crisis counseling and trauma resilience.

Solutions to Support Women, Working Parents Amid Caregiver Crisis
With school closures, child care restrictions, and elder care challenges, COVID-19 has pushed 2.2 million women out of the workforce, and women account for 100% of job loss in December 2020 alone, with women of color being hit the hardest. Business recovery plans need to prioritize care, offer child care solutions, provide flexible working arrangements for fathers and mothers, and get real about empowering working mothers and families.

Growing Demand for Remote Workforce Benefits
Since three out of five executives believe up to 25% of their workforce will continue to work remotely full-time, virtual benefits and support services are on the rise. At the same time, a growing tech backlash and major privacy concerns have created a “buyer beware” approach for business leaders. New solutions in benefits technology will need to improve access to care without compromising privacy, especially when it comes to mental health and personal information.

ACI Specialty Benefits offers an evolved EAP with expanded mental health care support through virtual chat and text sessions with licensed clinicians. ACI empowers working parents with maternity concierge, unlimited work-life referrals, comprehensive child care support, errand running, financial consultation, and resources to prevent caregiver burnout. With all the latest advancements in technology and access, ACI is in the business of human care and compassionate support, and is proud to remain powered by people, not bots.

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